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This website has been created by Sara Gambino. The website was about her hair salon at first but in time it grew into something more. It is a place where people can ask questions and learn everything about hair and beauty.

Owner of the website, salon and main hairdresser Sara Gambino was educated at the L’Oreal Academy in Germany (Munich, Stuttgart, and Düsseldorf), where she has worked and participated in numerous competitions for the last 15 years. She spent three months in Dubai, where she also worked as a model.

“I respect the working hours maximally, except cases of some unforeseen circumstances. Although, even when I try to stay closed as shortly as possible. There is usually always a job to do and hair to cut, so it’s a lot of work. Customers come from all layers of society and different ages. It goes without saying that everyone who comes to me has the same treatment in order to leave satisfied, “Sara Gambino always says when asked about her work.

When asked what the biggest challenges for the hairdressing profession are, she says that this is the personal moment you need to have with every customer. According to her, communication with the customers is very important. You need to know when to speak and when to be silent. Every customer needs to be fully respected and satisfied, she says, adding that one more thing is of exceptional importance: “Every customer must be happy with their haircut when they leave the salon because this is one of the reasons for coming back and becoming a returning customer.”