Do It Yourself: How To Cut Women’s Hair

Regardless of whether you are comfortable with scissors or you are not used to such expeditions, your own hair cutting can be a great idea. We do not recommend drastically cutting your hair or dying it with a color you are not sure about, but you can work small changes. So, here is how to cut women’s hair.

How to do it at home

What you will need to grab yourself at home is already in your bathroom. You will need scissors, a towel, water – it would be great if you had a sprayer with clean water, a thin comb.

Cut your split ends

This type of haircut is intended for women with medium-thick hair under their shoulders.

Regardless of the division you have, make one on the middle of the head and divide the hair into the half. Put her to hang in front of her shoulders. Then divide each half by sections. Select section by section and start twisting. Using your thumb and forefinger, go slowly over the hair, but upwards. So all visible split ends will become visible. Take the scissors and cut only the ends that are now going out of your twisted hair.

Cut your bangs

You’ve certainly seen a lot of badly cut off bangs on the internet. To avoid this there are a few tricks on how to cut women’s hair along with bangs.

Make division of your hair that will become bangs, it needs to be level and neat. Soak your hair. Beware of length because the hair is currently wet, when it gets dry it will be raised. If you want bangs that are flat, but at the edges of the bangs longer, wrap your hair only once, then cut off. If you want flat bangs, do not twist them, but use the comb to show them the exact level you need to cut.

For the bangs that go to the side, it will also be the best to soak your hair beforehand. Make a splice as how you want the bangs to go and pass through with the comb. Leave the comb in the position where you want the bangs to go and to end. Make sure you do not slip too short as the hair will rise when it is dry. It is better to leave something longer, so dry it on a dry one.