Love My Hairstyles: Five Hair Colors That Can Be Seen Everywhere

Fashion experts followed with great care all the important fashion and beauty events for years and brought a lot of conclusions. Among other things, they concluded that these five hair colors definitely dominate during this season.

This colors can be seen on red carpets, on movie premieres and in music spots of most famous people on earth. The colors that are dominating this season are the ones that are bold, iconic and inspirational. Maybe these colors are not for everyone but with the right hairdresser, you can get the shade that will be perfect for your skin and eye color as well as with your personal style.

Twists up on blondie hair

Creamy blonde hair is a darker variant of platinum blue hair that is ideal for a cool day. Creamy blue is well placed on short and long hair. It is especially recommended for women with rare hair because it gives them the necessary volume.

Blue hair is darker at the root is the top trend also. In order for your blue hair to get a multi-dimensional look, it needs to be darker at the root. It has been proven that with this combination of colors, each lady is visually younger.

Brandy as a blend of blue and brown hair dominates throughout the year. It’s easy to maintain and it works naturally. That’s why ladies around the world adore and love it. This year is a year of bold women who have the attitude that says watch out world I love my hairstyles and my body.

Darker colors for elegance

If you want your darker hair color to look gentler and more attractive, then pull out a few caramel strands. You can pull the strands from all sides, that is, all along the length of your hair or just close to your face.

Black hair will never get out of fashion. This season is dominated by a real black color that, in combination with red lipstick, looks powerful and glamorous. You can also wear black color on all lengths of hair.

Light red shades

We all loved Sophie Turner as a lovely and handsome Sansa Stark in the Game of Thrones series and her light red shade of hair color was adored by young women around the world. She once said: “Love my hairstyles, but my favorite is red” and that had worldwide impact.