Hair Coloring Tips Especially For A Woman With Long Hair

Want to paint your hair at home? No matter which color you choose, do not open the box until you read these tips. The hair color especially if it’s painted, should serve as a benchmark for choosing a new dye. Never try to darken or lighten your hair by more than two shades.

Stick to the “cold” shades

If you shine hair with “warm” shades, it can easily happen that the paint oxidizes, and the hair takes on an ugly greenish glare. Colors belonging to the category of “cold” or “neutral” tones are a much safer option. Woman with long hair should be careful because if the color is wrong and you try to fix it, again and again, your hair might lose its shine and structure and you will be in need of a shorter haircut.

If you have time, test a new paint on several inside strands and, if you are satisfied with the result, you can freely use it on the entire hair.

Secure the required amount of paint

Woman with long hair can experience the following situation: somewhere in the middle of the procedure, you realize that you will not have enough dye. Real horror! The amount of color in most standard packaging is sufficient to paint the “average” length of the hair (roughly to the shoulder).

Keep your hair color

The more you nourish the hair, the color will be fresher and more permanent. This means that you need to use hair shampoos on a regular basis (of course, in harmony with your color), and that, at least once a week, you use a deep-action regenerator.

Carefully with curly hair!

Coloring naturally curly hair can be really hard. It is naturally dry, making it more quickly absorbing the paint and more prone to damage, so a woman with long hair should be extremely careful. Experts, therefore, advise you to replace a third of the hydrogen with water that is distilled water. Then, do the painting procedure in the usual way.

Experiment with colors

The color of the hair is, undoubtedly, the fashion detail. That’s why you can play with the brighter, darker, or reddish shades of color you normally use. The result can make you pleasantly surprised! If you are not really ready for big experiments, you can achieve subtle changes using a dressing, tinted hair shine, or toned forming foams.