There Are The 100 Hairstyles You Can Do With Wet Hair

Although famous ladies claim that their hair is naturally beautiful and that they do not try too much with their hairstyle, the truth is that we do not trust them too much. However, thanks to the Internet and social networks, it has never been easier to discover stylish tricks, as well as those related to hair and modern hairstyles.

Below we reveal 3 hairstyles that you can make while you sleep, and there are always the 100 hairstyles you can do with your hair.

Messy waves

Messy waves, as if you just got out of bed are the most popular look. After washing the hair, gently tap the excess water with a towel, then make a braid. The only difference with respect to the ordinary braid is that you need to knit a little looser than usual. When you’re done with knitting, tie the loose edge with rubber. In the morning, when you wake up, just use the diffuser to dry in order to make sure that your hair is completely dry.

Curly volume

Wet the hair with a towel to eliminate excess water. If your hair is thick, divide it into two, three strands, and if it’s thin, you do not have to divide it. After application of hair styling and combing creams, twist one strand from each strand, the harder you can, and then attach them with elastic rubber. In the morning when you wake up, take off the bumps and tear off your kicks, brush your hair with your fingers and stylize your hair. For better texture, immediately after washing your hair, apply a sea salt spray. With this kind of hair, there are the 100 hairstyles you can do, like messy buns and boho braids.

Small curls

After washing your hair and removing excess water, apply a non-dispersible spray balsam to your hair. After that, start to make a bundle by first assembling whole hair into one beam, and then twisting it up gradually from the back of the head, down, all the way down to the end. When you get a strand that resembles a rope, tighten it firmly. Depending on where you want your curls to go, adjust the position of the cuff. If you want your curtains to be just at the bottom, fasten the cuff in the neck area, and if you want to go a bit earlier, fasten it to the back of the head. This hairstyle takes a long time to dry, so be patient.